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Thursday, May 9, 2019

5 Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs Making Their Mark

Ritu Narayan, founder of Zūm
Ritu Narayan, founder of Zūm

Tenacity, drive, and persistence - three traits essential to making it as an entrepreneur. The road to success is even harder for female entrepreneurs; however, more and more women are rising to the top. Discover five inspirational female entrepreneurs making their mark across various industries.

Leslie Polizzotto

From working as an attorney to becoming the co-founder of a doughnut shop, The Doughnut Project’s Leslie Polizzotto has made quite the career leap. As an entrepreneur, there’s no way to excel without a bit of faith and a lot of hard work. While she’s more focused on the business side - handling growth, collaborations, and licensing opportunities - she still finds ways to have fun. On most days, you can find her serving up doughnuts along with the rest of the staff.

Ritu Narayan

Being a mother in the workplace is an exceedingly difficult task, and it’s not without sacrifice. Ritu Narayan’s own mother gave up her burgeoning career to raise Narayan and her three siblings. When Narayan was facing the same predicament years later, she knew she had to stop the cycle. That’s where her company Zūm comes in. Alongside her two brothers, they created the biggest and fastest growing transportation and care company for children.

Wendy Kopp

When it comes to impactful service, there are few organizations as impressive as Teach for America. Even during its inception, founder Wendy Kopp knew Teach for America was going to make a difference in the lives of countless children. The idea began during college, where she drew up a proposal that would become the foundation for her organization. After networking her idea out to some of the country’s largest corporations, Kopp developed it into the thriving teacher corps it is today.

Weili Dai

Weili Dai paved the way in more ways than one when she co-founded Marvell Technology Group. In doing so, she became the only female co-founder of a global semiconductor. Lauded for her strategic planning and unrivaled technical skills, Dai stood her own in an industry dominated by men. Named Inventor of the Year in 2006, Dai overcame the odds to succeed in a field she had the utmost passion for. A true trailblazer, Dai is the definition of an inspirational female entrepreneur.

Sheila Lirio Marcelo

Back in 2006, Sheila Lirio Marcelo decided it was time to address the massive care needs of families around the country. As a mother of two children herself, Marcelo established to give working women the freedom they needed to excel. In just over a decade, the company has grown into the world’s largest online destination for family care. With over 32.9 million members spanning 20 countries, Marcelo’s company has transformed the entire landscape of caregiving services.

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