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Friday, January 11, 2019

Jessica Alba and The Honest Company

Jessica Alba, founder of The Honest Company
Actress Jessica Alba has appeared on TV and film since she was just 13 years old. Most know her from the Fantastic Four movies, but as of late, she’s known more for her entrepreneurial skills with The Honest Company. Jessica Alba and The Honest Company strive to provide safe and effective beauty and baby products. Whether it’s diapers and wipes, organic baby formula, shampoos and conditioners, or vitamins and supplements, her company gives you healthy products that truly work.
How It Started

Alba’s daughter and her own history with childhood illnesses inspired her to create her own business. This business would provide an alternative to prevalent baby products full of synthetic fragrances and other harmful chemicals. It took her three years to find her partners, and in 2012, she launched her company with a whopping 17 products.

There are over 1,300 chemicals banned in Europe—and The Honest Company avoids putting any of these in their products. The United States has banned less than a dozen harmful chemicals found within traditional household products, so Alba and her partners looked to Europe to begin their research on what to put in their own.

Women at The Honest Company

At the beginning, Alba went through some tough times. She felt alone on her journey to create her business, especially since she was the only woman in the boardroom at the time. There was a difference in what she considered important—like diversity in thought and vision—and what her male partners considered important. As her company has grown, she’s recognized just how important it is to have people that support and push you to success, like her husband did for her. She also recognized that, when it came to the boardroom, she needed to put her foot down and solidify what she thought was important.

With Alba’s help, the company has created a way to help employees reach executive positions, even if they started at an entry-level position. The company will add a curriculum, a women-specific program, and in-house mentorship opportunities that work for women specifically.

What Makes It Good

Alba didn’t create this company to make money; she made it because of real-life needs she had as a mother. She wanted to help other mothers so that they wouldn’t have the same experience she had. When she had her first child, Honor, Alba had an allergic reaction to a baby laundry detergent—she didn’t want other mothers to experience the same thing. One of the coolest aspects of the company is that they offer subscription boxes. You can pick and choose what goes into them—whether it be a monthly pack of diapers, beauty essentials, or formula, Jessica Alba and The Honest Company want to make sure that families have what they need.

Although her company has had some ups and downs, this year L. Catterton, a private equity firm, invested $200 million in Alba’s company. Alba told Forbes that she’s just getting started. You’ll definitely want to look into Alba’s organic products and the soon-to-come company growth.

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