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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Meet the First Black Woman to Become President of a Major Business Aviation Company

Stephanie Chung, President of JetSuite
Stephanie Chung has been appointed as the president of JetSuite, the leading innovator in private jet aviation. This new role establishes her as the first African-American woman to be at the helm of a major private business aviation company. Her 30 years of experience in the aviation industry is expected to bring more advancement to the company.
According to recent studies, women only comprise about 5% of management in private aviation, much so for an African-American woman. With JetSuite, Inc.'s appointment of Stephanie Chung as president, she made history as the first African-American woman to hold a title of that level at a major private aviation company.

Chung brings with her an extensive three decades of experience in sales, business, development, and executive leadership within the private jet industry. Before accepting the role as President of JetSuite, Inc., she was an outstanding mentor, coach, and advisor to several individuals and businesses across the globe.

She started a career in aviation in Piedmont Airlines in Boston before she advanced through several roles at US Airways. She eventually entered private aviation through Bombardier Aerospace where she served as vice president of sales for the western region of Flexjet and held various executive sales positions with Skyjet.

"I am incredibly honored and proud to appoint Stephanie as President of JetSuite, Inc. and know that her expansive aviation knowledge and sales leadership will be a key asset for the company," said Alex Wilcox, CEO of JetSuite and JetSuiteX.

Chung will be joining JetSuite at the same time the company enters new milestones with the recent investments from JetBlue Airways and Qatar Airways, a partnership with Zunum Aero, and a codeshare between JetBlue and JetSuiteX.

Moreover, she is an active member of several local committees including Elevation Society, Executive Women's Roundtable, and Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. Chung has also published multiple works such as Profit Like a Girl, A Woman's Guide to Kicking Butt in Sales and Leadership and created courses including High Ticket Selling Made Simple and Neuroscience Selling.

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