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Monday, August 13, 2018

Entrepreneur Kristina Roth Just Bought a Private Paradise Island Called SuperShe -- And No Men Are Allowed!

Kristina Roth, founder of SuperShe
Kristina Roth, a free-spirited woman and a successful entrepreneur, believes a woman can do what she wants and make money at the same time. And so, that's exactly what she did! She left her million dollar company to build her own paradise sanctuary. The private island called SuperShe is exclusive to women, and aims to rejuvenate and reinvent women's lives and desires.

SuperShe, a private island hidden away off the coast of Finland, is a sanctuary for only 10 guests -- females or people who identify as a female -- at a time. Since it has opened for public booking in June 2018, over 8,500 women already applied for the membership to come to the island.

Its success is not surprising, though. Roth has founded Matisia Consultants, a consulting business worth $45 million and has always been on the list of Fastest-Growing Women-Owned Businesses on Forbes. But Roth wanted a more fulfilling venture so she left her CEO position and sold the company in 2016.

Afterward, she created a blog and a community called SuperShe which aims to unite and motivate women. She has hosted several retreats in Hawaii, Turks & Caicos, among others which inspired her to have her own slice of paradise.

She discovered the paradise in the Baltic Sea and there she bought an 8.4-acre island where she personally supervised the creation of a paradise. Within six months of construction, the SuperShe island was born. And a lot of women are wanting to go visit.

The female-only island doesn't just mean guests are all women because all the staff members are women, too. That includes the bus drivers, photographers, farmers, mostly everyone. That way, SuperShe created more jobs for women in the area.

Aside from having no men on the island, there are some other features that will surely make it worth it. Some are their farm-to-table and ocean-to-table meals, sustainable facilities, solar-powered toilets, yoga, and many other activities that will feed everyone's mind and soul.

Any woman who wants to experience SuperShe should apply to be able to enter. They screen every application to avoid bad vibes and that includes hate for men.

For more details about SuperShe Island, visit

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