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Friday, June 15, 2018

2 Single Moms Launch Health Tech Startup After a Personal Misdiagnosis Nearly Cost One Her Life

Dolmarie Mendez and Lauren Cascio, founders of Abartys Health
Dolmarie Mendez and Lauren Cascio are two single moms who were inspired to launch Abartys Health - a system that allows seamless data flow and communication between insurers, doctors and patients. The idea stemmed from Dolmarie Mendez’s own healthcare scare. In 2011, she was misdiagnosed as a result of lack of information and proper tracking of her electronic health records.
As it turns out, Dolmarie had Septicemia, a serious bacteria that intoxicated her bloodstream, however, due to an incorrect diagnosis, she underwent unnecessary treatment, and nearly lost her life.

Meanwhile, Lauren Cascio, mother of two, was battling through a tough and abusive divorce. This crucial turning point filled Lauren with a desire and the confidence to do more with her life and support her kids. She began to read, take online grad courses and taught herself PHP, where she found her passion: combining healthcare trends with technology.

After both overcoming huge challenges, Lauren and Dolmarie crossed paths in 2015 and launched Abartys Health the next year. The company aims to democratize healthcare by creating a transparent and accessible network for patients, doctors, and insurance carriers, with the end goal of lowering healthcare costs, giving patients access to their records, and helping to reduce the $750B annual loss in the US healthcare market.

They’ve raised over $1M in funding, exceeded 750K active patients, and have major partners including Quest Diagnostics and Roche Pharmaceutical.

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