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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Ayesha Curry is More Than Just the Wife of NBA Champion Steph Curry — She’s a Business Woman With Her Own Restaurants and More!

Ayesha Curry, founder of the Ayesha Curry Home Collection
Most people know Ayesha Curry for being the wife of Steph Curry, an NBA superstar. But many people don't have an idea that she is a very successful business woman. She is a bestselling cookbook author, has launched a meal-kit delivery service, has developed her own line of cookware and has opened a restaurant. She is the queen of her self-built food empire!
Getting started

Ayesha, who was born in Canada, has a Chinese-Jamaican descent from her mother and Polish-African American from her father. Now a 29-year-old mother of two and the wife of an NBA champion, Ayesha has a full plate.

She started out her "culinary career" in 2014 doing YouTube videos of cooking demonstrations even without formal culinary training. Even so, her thousand subscribers and million viewers would agree that she is a good cook.

Taking business to the next level

In 2016, she released her cookbook The Seasoned Life and she considers that the first thing she'd ever accomplished. Not long after, she began hosting her own show Ayesha's Home Kitchen which features her personal and professional life and most of all, cooking.

What's more, she founded a meal-kit company called Homemade that delivers family-inspired ingredients and recipes she handpicked herself. Her own line of high-quality yet affordable cookware set in collaboration with Meyer Corporation is also available at Target, JC Penney, and Amazon.

Moreover, she partnered with award-winning celebrity chef Michael Mina on opening a restaurant called International Smoke. The restaurant which features diverse cultures and traditions of grilling has gained the attention of food lovers that it now has four branches: in San Diego and San Francisco, California, in Aventura, Florida, and in Houston, Texas.

Giving back

Behind all this success, Ayesha does not forget to give back. She is an active brand ambassador for Team FNV and No Kid Hungry, an organization devoted to ending childhood hunger.

While many would agree that it's not necessary for her to work, considering she is a wife of an NBA superstar, Ayesha proves that her goal to help and inspire other people is what keeps her going and it's what's making her successful.

She said in an interview, "And if my experiences can help other people on their path to living their best life, I’m thrilled to be a part of that journey. I feel very grateful to have the platform to be able to have that kind of impact."

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