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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Meet the Woman Who Helped Build Google Adwords, and Negotiated Yahoo’s $4.5 Billion Dollar Sale to Verizon

Marissa Mayer, founder of Lumi Labs
Marissa Mayer, an executive, software developer and businesswoman, is mostly remembered for being the eighth and last chief executive of Yahoo. Prior to that, she worked at Google for 13 years and contributed to the development of some of its significant features. Now, she returns to her roots with her own venture, Lumi Labs.
Having joined Google in 1999, Mayer was the company's 20th employee serving as one of the pioneers and notable people behind the search giant. Being Google's first ever female engineer, she is said to have influenced Google's significant features such as Gmail, Google Maps, and the multibillion-dollar business, Google AdWords.

When she left Google to join Yahoo as its chief executive in 2012, she was acclaimed to be its savior. During her five years tenure, she led major acquisitions of more than 40 companies such as Tumblr. Company investors also saw the value of their shares more than triple

However, the company has undergone some serious problems including the hacking attack in 2014 which was only revealed in 2016. Last year, Mayer left the company after Yahoo has been sold to Verizon for $4.5 billion. She is expected to receive more than $186 million in stock, $3 million in cash, and over $20 million in bonus equity.

This year, she is back with a new venture, Lumi Labs, a technology incubator that will focus on consumer media and artificial intelligence. She announced it on Twitter saying, "Thinking about what's next, I returned to my roots, rented the original Google office where I started my career, and founded a lab with my longtime friend and teammate @eamunozt (Enrique Muñoz Torres).

The company is based in a small office building in Palo Alto, California where big companies such as Google, PayPal Holdings, Logitech International, and Danger had their share of success stories. And she hopes it would be the same with Lumi Labs.

"I rented the old Google office. So this is actually the office where I started my career in 1999. This is also where PayPal started, so there’s a lot of good juju here," she said in an interview with The New York Times.

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