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Friday, March 9, 2018

This 13-Year Old Entrepreneur Has Sold 500 Paintings -- And Now She Has a New Book!

Camryn Green, 13-year old entrepreneur
Camryn Green, a 13-year old girl from Raleigh, North Carolina, hasn't even started high school yet, but she has already sold more than 500 paintings... and released her own book. At such a young age, she has supported several educational initiatives for disadvantaged orphans in the country of Liberia.
Camryn, an eighth-grader at Thales Academy, started drawing when she was four. Without taking any art classes, she used her pure talent to achieve her dream of being an artist. From color-by-number painting, she learned painting freehand on a canvas by herself.

When she and her mother launched a Facebook page, orders immediately started coming in. That's how Camryn's Creations Art Store started out. Since then, they sold about 500 paintings that cost around $20 to $100 each.

Aside from college funds and business funds, Camryn also allots money to give back to orphans in Liberia who can't afford to go to school. In fact, she was able to sponsor a $300 yearly scholarship for a 13-year-old girl named Princess for two years and she's going to continue it.

Her mother is her inspiration in giving back to others. "Since I was little, I always wanted to help them, so when I started my business I immediately wanted to do something," Camryn told The News & Observer.

Last January, she got invited to speak at the 38th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Interfaith Prayer Breakfast in Raleigh. She talked about her business and the other things that she does. She described the experience as "life-changing" and an "honor to speak for such an important man."

Luther King Jr. would surely be proud of her if he was alive. She loves painting African art, nature, African-Americans, and Afros. Her next dream is to have her own TV show that would be called "Camryn's World" where she travels around the world helping children to follow their dreams.

One thing she learned in order to be successful is working hard consistently. The award-winning entrepreneur shares inspiration in "Think It, Believe It, Do It," a motivational children's book she wrote and illustrated herself.

"Set a goal for yourself first. I set a goal to make at least 10 paintings. I was 8; I didn’t know much about it. Work hard, be consistent with it, and don’t give up on your dreams."

For more details about Camryn's Creations or to order online, visit

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