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Friday, November 3, 2017

22-Year Old Creates Web Site That Can Help You Find a Job... and Your Soulmate!

Amber Wanner, founder of
Amber Wanner was just 22 when she founded her own company, CandiDate. The company not only helps candidates find the right job, but they also help them find good relationships. The combination may seem unlikely, but Wanner's research showed it would work, and now she is CEO of a company that was founded on an idea that Wanner knew would work.

Proving her theory

While working at a recruiting firm in Pennsylvania, Wanner came up with the idea that people go to cities for jobs, but what keeps them there is love. But she had to prove to others that combining a recruiting firm with a relationship match service was a good idea. So, Wanner went to tech networking events around the city to do research. She discovered that her instincts were right. People were looking for relationships after being placed in jobs.

At just 22-years old, Wanner quit her job and started her first company, offering both job placement and relationship matching services. It worked. After 3 years, Wanner's company, CandiDate, now works with about 80 tech companies in the Philadelphia area and there are thousands of candidates in its database.

Her biggest problem was her age

Oddly, Wanner's biggest problem was not the unusual combination of services it offered; it was her age. Recently while trying to fill an Android developer position, she actually had a man tell her she "way too young for this industry" and that "Modeling would be better for you as a biz.” How did she respond? By saying, "I am a 26 year old [sic] female who started a company when I was 22 years old with very little, and am kicking a$$ and taking names. If you don't like it, then I wish you all the best, sir."

A word to other young women

She wants to tell other young women "Don't let others bring you down, ladies, and anyone else who has been told in their life that they 'can't' because you can!"

For more details about her dating service, visit

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