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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

From Executive Producer to Director -- She's Won 15 Emmys, and She's Not Even an Actress!

Terri Tolliver of Fox 5 DCFox 5 DC is making moves and Terri Tolliver is moving with them! This Washington, DC native is the station's new Director of News Projects and Partnerships. Terri is a true powerhouse. She is a warm, genuine, engaged person that until you ask, you would have no idea about the mountain she sits upon built on all of her various accomplishments.
She began as an assignment editor at Fox 5 news two decades ago. She then moved to the Special Projects/Investigative Producer role. Her first assignment was covering the AIDS epidemic, before it was a cause in the international spotlight. She received two Emmy Awards, an Edward R. Murrow award, and a Presidential Commendation from Bill Clinton. She’s gone on to win 13 more Emmys and various other local, national, and international awards. She took over the nights as an Executive Producer nearly 5 years ago and clinched a number 1 spot for Fox 5 News at 5, 6:30, 10, 11, and 11:30p.

Management recognizes what a superstar this plugged in mother of 1 is and how her unique life experiences have made her such a valuable asset to the company. So the promotion to Director was a natural progression for them and for Terri. She has ties to the community, a passion for people, and a dedication to the company that has supported her.

“I’ve worked hard for this opportunity and now that I have it... it hardly seems like work! I love that I’m living my purpose,” she comments.

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