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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

How She Overcame Her Husband's Tragic Death and Launched a $3 Million Staffing Company

Constance Moonzwe, founder of ITH Staffing
Constance Moonzwe was devastated when her husband tragically died in 2014, leaving her to raise their 7-month old baby alone. She, however, decided to keep herself busy and start a new business called ITH Staffing. Within the first 12 months, her company had generated over $3 million in revenue. Constance comments, "I had to make the pain mean something; I could not waste it."

Today, her company based in Rancho Cucamonga, California has grown even more and is a premier healthcare and information technology staffing company serving organizations across the country.

Bearing the pain

Many people are fascinated that Constance was able to build a successful business during such a difficult time. But her husband's death wasn't her only major challenge in life that she had to overcome.

She comments, "My path has not been easy, but I have been blessed with a fighting spirit from a very young age. I grew up a sickly child and was placed under a medically induced coma at the age of 17. Once finally released from the hospital, I was unable to walk or speak. The doctors gave my parents a grim diagnosis that I would not live a normal life, and I definitely would not graduate from high school."

"In my adulthood, I faced a failed first business, went through a divorce, re-married and from that marriage, experienced the tragic death of my husband. Phenomenally, I endured and overcame it all."

Empowering others

Telling her story can be a major inspiration for many, but Constance does a lot more than just share her story. Echoing her words through continued service and action, she leverages her core message of success-building through the power of books in her popular book club.

"It is said that a Ph.D student will read 32 books in order to earn their doctorate," she says. And so, in her program, she helps participants to master the process of earning Ph.Ds by reading a business-oriented book every month in these four areas: Your Why, Your Clients, Your Employees, Your Cash.

The value added take-aways for her followers are nothing short of empowerment, mastery and growth!

Going back to her roots

As a result of her success, she has also launched a non-profit organization called ITH Charities and has already adopted a school in Zambia which has 850 students. Ultimately, her organization's goal is to promote sustainable healthcare and educational development primarily in Africa.

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