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Monday, September 11, 2017

This Woman-Owned Trucking Company Has a Fleet of More Than 100 Trucks

Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, owner of Garner Trucking Inc

Sherri Garner Brumbaugh, owner of Garner Trucking Inc., located in Findlay, Ohio, provides national transportation, warehousing and logistics services. Her dad, Vern Garner, founded the company in 1960 with just one truck, but he died from cancer in the early 2000's. In 2008, Sherri took the helm making the company one of very few woman-owned trucking companies in the U.S.
Before taking over the day-to-day operations as president and owner, Sherri had been an employee of the company - working alongside her dad and mom for more than 18 years. So, she was more than qualified for the role, and she has proven herself to be a very successful business woman - having grown the company to a fleet of more than 100 trucks.

Her secrets to success

Sherri believes in being committed not just to her customers, but also to her employees. She wants to keep her employees happy and well-rested.

She comments, "What has not changed from its humble beginnings of the small family business is the commitment to our customers, our employees and our owner-operators. We are still a family company."

"Home time is important to me and my drivers. We work hard to make sure Garner drivers get home safely and when they need to," she adds.

Sherri also attributes her success to being an on-time delivery company.

She comments, "Garner remains to be a top rated truckload carrier in our region because of our on-time service! We’ve retained business because of our service. and we are getting new business everyday. It is important that we align ourselves with customers that know they couldn’t be successful in their business if it weren’t for their relationship with us."

Her background

Sherri graduated from The Ohio State University, where she received a bachelors in education; and then a masters from Bowling Green State University. So, she is an educator by trade, but a trucker by heritage!

She began working for her dad's company while she was still in junior high school. After college and a brief stint teaching, she returned to the company where she has worked in accounting, operations, and then she oversaw the company’s computer systems.

“In a small company, you wear many hats. At Garner, I’ve worn several!” says Sherri.

Overcoming challenges

The trucking industry has many challenges including finding and retaining skilled laborers, particularly for driving and technician jobs.

Another major challenge is dealing with how the government's regulations affect the industry’s productivity and profitability.

But despite the challenges, Sherri is determined to keep growing the company. She says her ultimate goal is to have a fleet of 300 trucks!

For more details about Sherri Garner Brumbaugh or her company, Garner Trucking, Inc., visit

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