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Tuesday, September 5, 2017

This Teen Entrepreneur Started Making Stylish Backpacks in High School -- And Now Her Sales Have Tripled!

Madeline Falknor, teen entrepreneur founder of Madeline & Co backpacks
Like many high school graduates, Madeline Falknor was looking forward to attending college in the fall. But unlike most high school graduates, 17-year-old Falknow had already started her own business making backpacks, and her sales are steadily increasing. In fact, her bags are so popular that sales have tripled over the last year alone.
Getting started

Madeline started her backpack business, Madeline & Co., when she was just a senior at Mariemont High School in Cincinnati. Most of her female friends at school were carrying camping backpacks which were big enough to hold school books but not very stylish.

So she began experimenting with more attractive fabrics that would appeal to girls. She made samples and prototypes in different colors, and in the first two seasons the company sold a little more than 250 backpacks each year to college and high school-age females.

Getting help from mom

Madeline first started making the backpacks at home with the help of two very supportive parents and her sister, Abbey. Her mother has experience operating apparel stores, and helped her with finance and manufacturing connections.

Now, Madeline sells her backpacks online and they are manufactured in China. She also has plans to add a line of laptop tote bags, duffle bags, cosmetic bags and pencil pouches.

Taking the company to the next level

Madeline sold most of her backpacks through social media in the beginning. But now she has revamped the company's website to boost sales online, and says that 95 percent of her company's sales are generated online.

Her products are also being sold in shops like Jules & Bing! in Cincinnati, and she even managed to get some press coverage from Oprah Winfrey's O Magazine. No doubt, there will be more major news outlets to pick up her story!

For more details about Madeline or her company, visit or follow her on Facebook at

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