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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Her Online Platform Empowers Immigrant Business Women in the U.S.

Ika Aliyeva, founder of Femigrants
Ika Aliyeva, whose parents are from the country of Azerbaijan, is a public content contingent worker at Instagram/Facebook. She is also the founder of Femigrants,a powerful social media platform empowering immigrant women to become successful leaders and entrepreneurs.
Femigrants capitalizes on the wonders of Facebook to create a virtual community, aiming to keep female immigrants (also called "femigrants") motivated, connected, empowered. The group provides an essential platform to femmes who have immigrated to the US and are at various stages of their career goals.

Her motivation behind the platform

Ika’s vision behind Femigrants was one born of her own struggles. Having lived through severe bullying, and the loss of her parents at a very young age, and an immigration to the U.S. herself, she has known crippling pain and fear. Fear of failure, fear of leaving her comfort zone, fear of being alone.

So, she wanted to create a space for diverse female leaders and businesswomen to share their success stories. The ultimate goal is to inspire and bring positive change to those still struggling toward their own goals.

The platform goes beyond being a motivational space. It provides key resources for success: free online marketing services for business owners; professional networking meet-ups; hosting Facebook Live interviews to increase exposure for new and aspiring business owners, and, in the pipeline: a coaching-mentorship program for aspiring professionals.

How its funded

Behind the scenes, a diverse group of powerful immigrant women (and even some men) volunteer their time and effort, to ensure smooth sailing and continuous growth for this space. Ika covers all the costs to support the platform herself.

She comments, “I am not a rich woman but I don’t mind to spend my own income to support and empower other women.”

Both unique and powerful

Behind the scenes and otherwise, this space is incredibly unique, as the Femigrants community comes from all walks of life - from all over the world.

It's also very powerful in nurturing America’s future leadership community, and it is already catching the eye of female business leaders in the US. Just recently, Ika received an acknowledgement and gift from Sheryl Sandberg, COO at Facebook, for the great work she has put into building and developing this platform.

Ika comments, “No race, religion, language or ethnicity divide us. We are all the same, we are all unique! We can have different goals but we all have one mission as women immigrants – to change our life and prosper in a new community!”

For more details about Femigrants, visit or join the platform on Facebook at

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