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Monday, September 18, 2017

This 13-Year Old Genius is the Award-Winning Inventor of the Next Billion Dollar Idea!

Anushka Naiknaware, inventor of Smart Wound Care
Anushka Naiknaware, a 13-year old Indian-American from Portland, Oregon, has invented Smart Wound Care - a unique type of bandage that alerts doctors when it needs to be changed. It sounds simple, but this genius idea has made her the youngest person ever to win a global prize from the Google Science Fair.
She won the Lego Education Builder Award, which comes $15,000, mentorship and a trip to Denmark to meet with Lego's board of directors.

Why her idea is huge

Chronic wound care is a commonly overlooked medical problem. It is very important that large wounds are kept moist to promote healing, but this can be very difficult to do. Changing the bandage too often can make the wounds worse, and not changing them often enough can also cause complications.

Anushka's invention is a bandage designed with tiny monitors that accurately detect when moisture levels have dropped. The monitors let medical workers know whether the dressing has dried out or not, enabling to change the bandages at the proper time.

Not only does this decrease the chances of infection, it also can help wounds to heal much faster.

Her entrepreneurial plan

Both of her parents are entrepreneurs with engineering and science backgrounds, and no doubt, Anushka wants to use her idea to tap into the multi-billion dollar health care industry.

She says her next step is to get U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval for her bandages, so that she can start mass producing her bandages. Afterwards, her plan is to partner with a distributor to sell her bandages to hospitals, clinics, and doctor's offices all around the world.

Not only could this possibly create a fortune for her, it will also help hundreds of thousands of patients with large wounds.

Watch her interview below:

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