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Thursday, August 24, 2017

Two Women and a Barbecue Pit -- Defying the Odds in an Industry That is Mostly Dominated by Men!

LeAnn Mueller and Alison Clem, founders of La Barbecue in Austin, Texas
Women are rare in the barbecue business; Most barbecue restaurants that specialize in barbecue-style cuisine are usually owned by men. But two women entrepreneurs from Austin, Texas, LeAnn Mueller and Alison Clem, have defied the odds and have been getting rave reviews for their barbecue restaurant called La Barbecue.
How they got started

LeAnn grew up around barbecue. Her grandfather founded Louie Mueller Barbecue in 1949, and she used to work in his restaurant, mostly cleaning tables and washing dishes. But she was around barbecue enough that she learned how her grandfather made it.

Alison, on the other hand, was bartending in downtown Austin when she met LeAnn. The two formed a partnership and eventually decided to open a business of their own. What better business than barbecue, something Mueller knew very well!

A huge success

Since opening in 2011, their idea has become a major hit among local barbecue fanatics, and people love the fact that their restaurant is woman-owned.

Almost every day, customers are lined up to get a taste of their brisket and chipotle sausages, as well as pulled pork, sausage links, pork ribs, beef ribs, and even barbecue turkey.

The restaurant has made a good impression on barbecue critics, including being mentioned among Texas Monthly’s quadrennial list of top 50 barbecue joints in the state, and Austin’s revered Franklin Barbecue local critics’ rankings.

What's next?

The two say they would love to expand this year to the Los Angeles area where LeAnn works out of a photography studio six months a year. There is not much competition in LA for barbecue, so the two believe it could be a booming market area for them. And they are probably right!

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