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Friday, August 25, 2017

Asian Mompreneur Creates New Maternal Clothing Line for Breastfeeding Moms

Siene Bueno, founder of Kaypee Baby
Siene Bueno from Metro Manila, Philippines is the mastermind behind a new clothing line for breastfeeding moms called Kaypee Baby. Her products allow nursing moms to discretely breasfeed their babies without having to put on inconvenient and uncomfortable nursing scarves.

How she got started

Siene started her company in back 2015 when she herself started nursing her newborn baby, and realized that most of the clothing available for moms like her were not very fashionable. She realized then that she wanted to give herself (and other women) better nursing choices and solutions.

As a full-time electronics engineer, finding solutions is her passion. So, she started creating affordable dresses and blouses with beautiful designs that make nursing on-the-go a breeze.

Her designs have a decent amount of lining to prevent indecent exposure, and the fabrics used are soft, comfortable, and colorful... and thus very attractive to mothers with babies!

Figuring out how and where to sell

In the Philippines, like most other countries, it's very difficult to get your products in the stores of major retailers. It's also very time-consuming and costly to try and establish your own storefront.

So, Siene decided to focus on selling her products online. She initially started selling on Facebook, but eventually decided to build her very own easy-to-use web site.

Built using Shopify, a powerful and popular ecommerce tool, her web site beautifully showcases all of her products and allows interested customers to easily make a purchase.

Advice for other business women

During an interview with PhilStar, Siene shared some powerful tips for other women who want to be sucessful in business.

She commented, "Dream Big. Have a vision, dream about that vision, ask help from God and believe that you will soon be successful."

"Focus. Find your niche. Develop your product and do some research," she added.

And her best advice perhaps was she encouraged entrepreneurs to be forgiving and understanding with your customers.

“Clients may bash you and there will be moments in your life where you will feel down," she said. "Cry for a brief moment, but be sure to move on, get back up stronger, fiercer and wiser.”

For more details about Kaypee Baby, visit

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