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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Woman Who Sold Two of Her Companies for $1.5 Billion Is Now Investing in Other Woman-Owned Firms

Cindy Whitehead, founder of Pink Ceiling
After 22 years in the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry, entrepreneur Cindy Whitehead built two businesses from scratch and sold them for record setting returns - $1.5 billion to be exact. She is best known as the former CEO of Sprout Pharmaceuticals, and the woman behind the drug Addyi - which the media refers to as the female version of Viagara. But now, she has decided that she wants to spend her time helping other women entrepreneurs to also be successful.

Helping other women to be successful

Cindy wants to help other small businesses. She was once a guest shark on the ABC hit series Shark Tank and her new organization, Pink Ceiling (, is dedicated to investing and championing companies made by and for women. Whitehead admits she never had a formal mentor, but she knows how valuable it is. She has so far invested in 7 companies and wants to continue mentoring women and making them financially successful.

Two of the companies that she has invested in are IntuiTap, a medical device company that streamlines the spinal tap procedure, and Lia Diagnostics, the maker of a sustainable pregnancy test. After 20 years in healthcare and pharmaceuticals, Whitehead makes an excellent mentor for these two organizations, and others. She also admires women in these fields because their numbers are slim.

But she wants to help other woman-owned firms to develop commercial strategies, brand identities, campaigns, media awareness and more.

Her advice to other women

Cindy comments, "All of the things I choose to do have a deeper purpose for me. So remind yourself of that purpose during those dark moments and the give up moments." She continues "If the only reason for a rule is that it's the way things have always been, then by all means, break it."

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