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Sunday, August 27, 2017

Entrepreneur Launches One of the First Ever Women-Owned Accounting Firms in Zimbabwe

Manyara Chigunduru, founder of Marianhill Chartered Accountants
Accounting firms owned by women are the exception rather than the rule, but an accounting firm owned by a woman in Zimbabwe is really unusual. But here it is, one of the first ever women-owned accounting firms in Zimbabwe. Founded by entrepreneur Manyara Chigunduru, the company is called Marianhill Chartered Accountants.

Why she started the company

Manyara's reasons for launching her company went wy beyond money. "The need to have some financial independence and be able to use my time for the benefit of others and directing my destiny made me start my own business," she explain.

Based in the city of Harare, her company's mission is to provide independent and customized financial advice, financial restructuring, audit, tax advisory, finance and accounting and other services to institutions, businesses and individuals.

Beating the challenge

Being a woman is always a challenge when starting a business, especially in a third world country.

Manyara says her biggest challenge was separating her business from other accounting firms in the eyes of customers. Her goal was to not just offer accounting services but to also work with her clients to make them grow and become successful. It worked!

She say she has increased business by also being open and honest with all her clients.

Proud and willing to inspire others

Manyara is proud to be a woman owner of an accounting firm, and to have her firm registered and accredited to be a training office for trainee accountants.

She has more than 15 years of experience in financial management, accounting, auditing and taxation. And, she is more than willing to share her knowledge with other aspiring entrepreneurs - especially women!

For more details about her company, Marianhill Chartered Accountants, visit

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