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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

This Lawyer Turned Real Estate Mogul Has Flipped More Than 20 Properties Making More Than $2 Million in Revenue

Christie Stancil Matthews, founder of Stancil Investments & Design
Christie Stancil Matthews is an attorney/law professor turned real estate investor and designer. She is the CEO of Stancil Investments & Design, and has been in business since 2014, going full-time in January of this year after transitioning from a law teaching position to pursue her dream career.
Flipping the script

Going from being a lawyer to a real estate mogul is a complete change in careers, but Christie has already proven herself to be successful in both areas.

Since forming her real estate company, she and her team have flipped over 20 properties in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Their motto is "Stylish Renovations. Smart Investments." They focus on beautiful design and staging, and believe that buyers at all price points should have a warm, welcoming space to call home.

Her company has generated gross revenues over $2.3 million dollars since their inception, and she attributes her success to a commitment to creating beautiful spaces.

From humble beginnings

Christie was first introduced to real estate investing as a pre-teen helping her father (now business partner) renovate investment properties.

She comments, "As a preteen, I scraped paint, cleaned floors, and generally did whatever else was needed to turn trashed rentals into treasured income producers."

"I didn't love it then, but I love it now especially now that I have a team to do the work," she adds.

Inspiring other women entrepreneurs

Christie is passionate about educating others about wealth-building. She has been a speaker and moderator at numerous conferences, including several women’s empowerment events.

Her story alone is an inspiration for women who want to change careers and/or build a company from the ground up.

For more details about Christie's company, Stancil Investments & Design, visit

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