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Friday, August 18, 2017

Meet the Woman Entrepreneur Who Designs 100% Toxin-Free High-End Furniture

Aimee Robinson, founder of EcoBalanza
Entrepreneur Aimee Robinson not only likes to design furniture but she also makes sure it is free of toxins, chemicals and allergens. Her Seattle-based company, EcoBalanza, makes high-end furniture that is made with certified organic, natural and recycled materials.

Robinson initially owned two furniture companies when she was faced with the decision to sell one of them. Although Greener Lifestyles, her retail store that sold sustainable furniture, was more profitable than EcoBalanza, her passion was in making eco-friendly upholstered furniture. She refers to this decision as an “unbusiness-minded approach,” but she knew she had the right suppliers and networks to make the business a success.

Her motivation

Robinson was motivated about producing toxin-free furniture after learning that many of the materials used in today's furniture have been linked to cancer, asthma and other serious health problems. This is especially the case for furniture that has chemicals such as paint and flame retardants.

However, although her furniture is organic, it's just as comfortable and durable, if not more. And the growing health-conscious community absolutely loves what she is doing!

The International Living Future Institute, which created an international sustainable building certification program called the Living Building Challenge, was so impressed with Robinson's furniture that they chose one of her sofas to be placed in their headquarters lobby.

Defining the real meaning of success

Robinson believes in being a responsible entrepreneur, and that means that it's not always about the money. Sometimes its about doing what's best for the safety and health of your customers... and the environment.

And, putting her heart into her company and its objectives has paid off quite well for Robinson. Her company is profitable, she employs 8 craftsmen. and she gets quite a bit of attention from the media.

Tips for other women business owners

Robinson's advice for other women entrepreneurs is to follow the same steps that she attributes her success to:
  • Always meet with suppliers in person.
  • Research thoroughly before choosing materials.
  • Pay attention to customer service, and give the customers what they need.

For more details about her EcoBalanza eco-friendly furniture business, visit or follow them on Facebook at

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