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Friday, July 14, 2017

This Mom Exec Created an App to Protect Her Daughter (and Others) From Getting an STD, and It Works!

Jo Lynn Clemens, founder of XOXY
Jo Lynn Clemens is a distinguished Risk Management and Insurance professional who serves as President of JJC Insurance Services, Inc in Phoenix, Arizona. But she is also a mom who wanted to protect her daughter from getting involved with the wrong guy, so she created an app called XOXY that makes dating a lot safer!

How it works

XOXY is a useful tool that promotes a safe, responsible and secure change to the college dating experience. It's essentially an app that requires users to submit to a background check and a STD check.

After creating an account and uploading a profile, the user's information is securely and electronically submitted to their background checking partner ICS-Merrill.

Within 24 hours, a person's criminal history, sexual medical history, and thus their true identity can be revealed... and they can either be certified, which means they passed... or denied, meaning they failed.

If approved, the person can then upload a photo and join a community of other single people who are "safe" to date.

What inspired her to create this service

Jo Lynn comments, “As both a mother and an insurance/risk management professional for over 20 years, both safety and security are foremost in my daily thoughts. It is certainly a different world than when I grew up as most couples are no longer introduced through a friend or a relative."

She continues, "While discussing the escalation of crimes committed against women during a visit to my daughter’s college campus, I decided to create XOXY... By using our mobile app, you can promote yourself either online or in person with your [credentials]. Let people know just how safe you are."

Her company motto is "Date smarter! Stop guessing and start knowing!"

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