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Monday, August 20, 2018

Meet the New President of Production & Development at Tyler Perry Studios

Michelle Sneed, president of Tyler Perry Studios
Tyler Perry Studios (TPS) is thrilled to welcome back veteran television production executive Michelle Sneed, who is set to join the TPS team in Georgia as the new President of Production & Development. Sneed, who spent six years with TPS from 2009-2015, was an original member of the production team at TPS’ former Greenbriar location.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Entrepreneur Kristina Roth Just Bought a Private Paradise Island Called SuperShe -- And No Men Are Allowed!

Kristina Roth, founder of SuperShe
Kristina Roth, a free-spirited woman and a successful entrepreneur, believes a woman can do what she wants and make money at the same time. And so, that's exactly what she did! She left her million dollar company to build her own paradise sanctuary. The private island called SuperShe is exclusive to women, and aims to rejuvenate and reinvent women's lives and desires.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Actress Jennifer Garner Launches Organic Baby Food Products

Jennifer Garner, founder of Once Upon a Farm OrganicsHollywood actress Jennifer Garner, is taking on her newest role, not in a movie or television show, but in the business world as a co-founder of an organic baby food company, Once Upon a Farm. Taking inspiration from her mother who used to make her homemade food, Garner and the company aim to bring the quality of homemade food into the homes of busy parents.

Friday, July 13, 2018

Oprah Winfrey Invests in Major Restaurant Chain, True Food Kitchen

Oprah Winfrey Invests in Major Restaurant Brand, True Food KitchenBusiness mogul Oprah Winfrey is now in the restaurant business with her recent investment in the Phoenix-based health-driven restaurant chain True Food Kitchen. Although the amount she invested in the company was not disclosed, it was also announced that she would be joining its board of directors and would act as a consultant.

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Meet the Woman Entrepreneur Who Operates 24 Bubble Tea Stores in 4 States

Anchal Lamba, president of Gong Cha USA
Anchal Lamba, a 28-year-old woman from New York, is a persistent young entrepreneur. She is neither from USA nor Taiwan, but she wanted to open a franchise from a Taiwan-based company in the USA. It took her two long years to acquire the rights. Now, she is the president of Gong Cha USA, a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise, with 24 stores operating in 4 states!

Friday, June 15, 2018

2 Single Moms Launch Health Tech Startup After a Personal Misdiagnosis Nearly Cost One Her Life

Dolmarie Mendez and Lauren Cascio, founders of Abartys Health
Dolmarie Mendez and Lauren Cascio are two single moms who were inspired to launch Abartys Health - a system that allows seamless data flow and communication between insurers, doctors and patients. The idea stemmed from Dolmarie Mendez’s own healthcare scare. In 2011, she was misdiagnosed as a result of lack of information and proper tracking of her electronic health records.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Heineken Names First Ever Woman CEO -- A First For a Major Beer Company!

Maggie Timoney, CEO of Heineken USA
Maggie Timoney is set to be the chief executive officer of Heineken USA in September. She is making history as the first woman to ever become a CEO of a major beer company in the United States. Having over 25 years of experience in the same industry, she is very much ready to take the position and the challenges that come with it.

Top Business Women Events & Workshops:
Every year, hundreds of local, national and international events are held around the world for business women and entrepreneurs. These events include conferences, expos, workshops, seminars and more. And, the mission is always the same: to help women and girls to become more successful in business. [Find an event to attend...]

Top Business Women Facts & Statistics:
Women-owned businesses in the United States continue to grow at a faster rate then any other demographic. Not only that, women-owned businesses are generating more revenue, hiring more employees, and contributing more to the national economy. Remarkably, the growth is not just in one state or city, but all over the country amongst all ethnic groups. Women have truly proven themselves to be talented and intelligent business owners. [Get the facts...]

Top Business Women Organizations:
There are many organizations and foundations that help women. Usually, their goal is to help women attend college, get a job, get free daycare, and/or deal with emotional or physical abuse. However, there are also many organizations that empower women to start successful businesses. Typically, they offer professional networking, education and training, and/or business facilities or centers that can be used. [Find the right organization for you...]

Top Publications For Professional Women:
Reading is a great way to educate many people all at once. Because of this, many publications are dedicated to helping and inspiring women in business. In fact, there are quite a few magazines, newsletters, blogs, and even books that all aim to be powerful resources to sustain women entrepreneurs. [Find a publication that meets your needs...]

Top Grants & Other Funding Options for Woman-Owned Companies:
Funding and raising capital has always been a huge challenge for women-owned businesses. Because of gender discrimination, unfair business practices, and other factors, many women around the world struggle to raise much-needed capital, to start a new business, and/or to keep the business they have afloat. [Get funded...]


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